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CHOCnyc is an upscale and modern Pastry Shop started by husbands Jemal Edwards and Brad Doles - married July 4th, 2015.  Together we bring over 50 years of culinary and hospitality experience and are proud to share our passion in the Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods we call home.


Our menu makes use of pure and seasonal ingredients.

We offer a simple and well-executed selection of baked goods and a few savory items. 


Jemal, having worked as a pastry chef throughout the United States as well as France, Austria, Italy and Japan, brings the best elements of these cultures and cuisines together to create delicious pastries and desserts. 


  Brad, having extensive experience in hospitality management and a kitchen background, runs the operation and works closely with Jemal to fulfill a promise of consistency and quality in all of their products.


To serve our community for the better is paramount in our business model.  Our employees live locally. Our store was built by local contractors.  Our equipement was bought and is serviced locally.  We use local vendors to supply us with all our dairy and produce.  Our commitment and dedication to community is tangible.


After all, home is where the heart is...


CHOCnyc is our heart.  

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